What it is actually about…

It’s not about the butterflies… 

It’s about the knot that he tied…

It’s not about holding hands during romantic walks…

It’s about holding hands in the journey of life…

It’s not that he will not be there to talk to her…

It’s about how she will live without talking to him…

It’s not about who will travel miles to see her smile…

It’s about who will smile with her and walk with her in life’s aisle…

It’s not about the arms that will make her fly high will disappear…

It’s about the arms that protect her will be not be there…

It’s not about who will make her laugh…

It’s about who will do efforts to increase her smile’s graph…

It’s not about ‘I Loved You’…

It’s about ‘Did you Ever Loved me?’…

~Avni Singh



Sometimes I just get sad and I don’t know why…

Sometimes I abrade everyone by my guise, I can’t deny…

Sometimes I just pretend to be strong…

Sometimes I do everything wrong…

Sometimes the break in my heart is like the hole in the flute…

Sometimes it’s the place from where the love comes through…

Sometimes all you need is a bit of solitude…

Sometimes you just need to stay mute…

Sometimes it’s better to remain silent and smile…

Sometimes the best way to appreciate is to be without it for a while…

Sometimes you just can’t tell anyone how you feel…

Sometimes for people all your feelings are fake and not real…

Sometimes the strongest is the one who cried all night…

Sometimes even the stone shines bright…

Sometimes surviving is the worst kind of pain…

Sometimes everything that you do goes in vain…

~Avni Singh

That Night….

Hey people!!! So this one is for every girl out there. I just want to say that Girls you are best in your own way and don’t let anyone else decide who you are, don’t let anyone change your inner self, it’s only you yourself who can and who will define you and no one else, don’t give anyone rights to dull your shine and don’t be vulnerable just because ‘you are a girl’!! Always remember that you are the most strongest and most beautiful creature that God made!!!
So it’s a kind of short poem that I wrote, hope you all will like it!๐Ÿ˜€

Walking under the sky full of stars.
She was busy thinking about her scars.
Grabbed by those hidden fears.
That night she broke into tears.
Feelings were drowned in air of desolation.
Now she enjoys more in isolation.
Searching for that bright shining light.
Dreams packed within her fist she wanted to soar as a kite.
With her disturbing thoughts she passed into oblivion.
She is strongest and don’t want any kind of solarium.
And then the dawn came, she found the serenity.
She realised her importance and came back to reality.
Be the strongest girl and don’t let anyone dull your smile.
Walk without regrets in life’s aisle.
Chin up princess or else the crown will fall.
You are best and there is nothing about it to dwaal.

~Avni Singh
(Strongest Girl)


love-24.jpg‘LOVE’ such a scintillating feeling isn’t it?

Few ever felt it, few ever achieve it, but those who do they cherish it, be lost in it and above all they never ever forget it. You know you are really lucky if the one whom you love; loves you back. It can make you the happiest and the saddest person at the same time , it is so powerful that it can make you do those thing which you thought that you will never ever do in your life, it completely changes you. The love that i have experienced is the one that awakened my soul, it made me reach for more, it made me do things beyond my thinking, it set my heart on fire and at the the same time it gave peace to my mind and it is so so so so amazing feeling that finding words to describe it is pretty tough for me so here is a poem by which i have tried to explain it…


Here you go–>

What is LOVE?
Love is a dangerous thing.
When I see him.
My eyes don’t even blink.
As I lay in my bed.
It is you who is in my head.
Please never ever go away.
Because I’ll fall apart that day.
This Love between us will never fade.
Coz this is something we together made.
Every single second you are on my mind.
Someone like you is hard to find.
Yes I do love to hold your hand.
And walking with you on the white sand.
You know how important you are dear?
Losing you and your love is my fear.
Love is feeling butterflies.
When I stare in those black eyes.
That shine in his eyes is so bright.
I love it when you hug me tight.
Your arms just feel like home.
There I feel happy and not alone.
And i just want to shout it loud.
After having you I’m so proud.
All I want from you is trust.
Because for our future it is must.
Just to be with you anything I’ll do.
Because bae I LOVE YOU! โค



~Avni Singh

Random Thought (Part-2)

So I was walking in the park and it was really cold… I have had my phone in my hand… and i was going through it and suddenly I was pushed back to some memories… And some random thoughts came in my mind…. And as always I have converted it into a poem….So here I go with my random thought… ๐Ÿ’ญ

Glancing at the stars up in the sky.

You shine brighter I can’t deny.

The King of my heart, the ruler of my soul.

You are the only one who makes me whole.

Without you everything feels like hell.

Because your heart is the only place where I dwell.

You are the burning fire which is inextinguishible. 

And your magic touch is completely irresistible. 

Losing you is something what I can’t abide. 

So baby I’m always gonna hold u tight.

You make me cry, you make me laugh. 

You Complete me because you are my better-half. 

When you are not near it makes me feel incomplete. 

Honey you are the reason why this heart beats.

Cool as ice, hot as fire.

You are my heart’s only and only desire. 

I feel blessed having you by my side.

Your arms are the place where I want to hide.

Thankyou for bringing me out of the world so bleak. 

Your presence is something I always seek. 

Looked around and wiped off the dew.

And in a nano second my every thought blew.

Back to reality of this cold winter night.

Thinking how to tell you about my feelings that are hidden inside. 

Staring at your picture and playing with my curls.

Thankyou for making me the luckiest girl.โค
~Avni Singh 


My Pretty Girl…..

So I met this pretty girl.

Who looks like a rose whorl. 

Always showers her affection on me.

So that my face is full of glee.

The Love between us will never end.

No matter even if our paths bend.

I’ll always be there for you when you’ll need.

To help you by my word and by my deeds.

Now this friendship is forever. 

And we’re gonna stay together. 

There is a special place in my heart for you and me.

Our bond is so special that noone can see.

Day by day this bond is getting strong.

Because in this world together we belong.

There was never such a bond that made me feel this way.

It’s been there from the beginning so I just want to say.

I love you so so so very much.

Now you just promise me that you’ll stay in touch.๐Ÿ’•

~Avni Singh

Random Thought ๐Ÿ’ญย 

The title is something that we all can relate to. It’s like we see or hear something that gives us flashbacks of any event or any situation that we have experienced in our life or reminds us of someone close to our heart and make us think about it for few seconds or even for hours. Sometimes it brings smile on our face and sometimes bring tears in our eyes but it is something that we can’t resist.ย 
Actually this morning I received a good morning message from one of my friends which says “Good Morning Sugar ๐Ÿ˜„”. The word “Sugar” took me to the memories of one of the cutest couple who have the most wildest, funniest , dramatic and The most romantic love story that I’ve ever known.

I literally want these guys to hold each other’s hand in their 80s and look into each other’s eyes and say “We made it”!!!๐Ÿ’‘

So I’ve turned my random thought about this beautiful couple in a poem! ๐Ÿ˜‡

Here you go…..โคต
Sugar and spice bae was not so nice.

Full of attitude.ย 

But it was his gratitude.ย 

That made her fall in love.

Now she feels like a dove.

So she can travel miles.

Just to see his smile.

Now if she feels cold.

She wants him to hold.

To give her the tightest hug.

But be careful because she is like nug.

Now they’ll never leave each other away.

Tales of their bond people will say.

All she wants is him to stay.

Wanna leave? She’ll not give him way.

Cause she is wild, and that child.

That is hidden inside, will hold him tight.

The bond between them will never end.

It’s like a straight line that never bend.

They get goosebumps by that magic touch.

Because they love each other very much.

~Avni Singh